Each suit is individually handcrafted with full canvas framing and Bemberg lining to create a smooth drape. Personalize your suit with finer details.

  • Slim Fit vs Contemporary Fit vs Traditional Fit
  • Single vs Double Breasted Jacket Style
  • Notch vs Peak Lapel Style and width
  • Piped Pockets vs Flap Pockets vs Patch Pockets Style
  • Customized Lining Options & Pocket Squares
  • Hand-Sewn Button Holes
  • Customized Button Options
  • Hand Picked Edges
  • Pleated vs Non Pleated Slacks Front
  • Cuffed vs Non Cuffed Slacks Bottom
  • Fully Lined vs Half Lined Slacks
  • Belt Loops vs Side Adjusters
  • Waist Band with Button Closure vs Hook/ Eye Closure
  • Suspender Buttons
  • Hem and Heel Guard